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Build A Model of the Temple In Jerusalem

Simon Bar Kochba led the Second Revolt of Judea against the Roman Empire. He created an independent Jewish state in Judea.


While he led this state, Bar Kochba minted his own coins, including one with the image of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Israel Museum has an amazing scale model of Herod’s Temple. Use photos of this model to help you build a model of the Second Temple in Jerusalem before its destruction.


Here is a photo of Bar Kochba’s silver tetradrachm

You can build a model of the Temple in Jerusalem with whatever you have around the house:

  • Wood building blocks,

  • Legos,

  • cardboard boxes,

  • sugar cubes

- and -

  • Hot glue gun

  • Tempera paints 


Build your version of the Temple. 

If you are using sugar cubes or cardboard boxes, you can glue them together with the hot glue gun. 

You can paint your model with the Tempera paints. 

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