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About The Author

RONIT TREATMAN was born in Israel, and grew up in Ethiopia and Venezuela. After serving in the Israel Defense Forces' Foreign Liaison Division, she studied International Business Administration in the United States. She was a stay-at-home-mom of three children for ten years, residing in Philadelphia. When her youngest child started school, she became a writer, editor, and ultimately president of The Philadelphia Jewish Voice. During this period she also created the blog and website Hands-On Jewish Holidays, and administered many social network communities focused on engagement with judaism.


She has lectured and presented at conferences around the United States, on topics ranging from engagement with the descendants of anusim (forced converts to Catholicism) to kosher locusts. Her writing is the distillation of ideas that have been percolating for many years, drawing from her professional research, her multinational upbringing, and her experiences raising her own children.

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