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The Bar Kokhba Revolt

The Bar Kokhba revolt took place from 132 CE to 136 CE. Jews of the Judaea Province, led by Shimon bar Kosiba (also called Simon Bar Kokhba), rebelled against Emperor Hadrian. Bar Kokhba occupied Jerusalem and was responsible for many casualties among the Roman troops. The result of this uprising was the creation of an independent State of Israel.


Simon Bar Kokhba ruled it for three years. He took the title of “Nasi Israel”, or “President of Israel.” He announced the “Era of the redemption of Israel” and minted coins with this inscription. In 135 CE, six legions of the Roman army led by general Sextus Julius Severus crushed Bar Kokhba’s revolt. This was the last time that Israel was a sovereign state until 1948.

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