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Build a Bonfire!

In the days of Bar Kokhba, Roman troops lit bonfires on hilltops and towers to be used as signals. Jews were forbidden to light bonfires, lest it become a military tactic. In Israel, people celebrate Lag Ba’Omer by lighting the once prohibited bonfires.


You can build your own bonfire in a park, campground, or on a beach.

Photo © Helenaver.


  • Rocks or a safe enclosure for your fire

  • Small twigs

  • Leaves or wood shavings, newspaper

  • Larger pieces of wood or logs

  • Water or dirt to safely extinguish fire


Build a Fire Ring

Draw a circle in the ground with a stick. Clear all flammable material from the circle.

Surround your cleared circle with rocks to contain the fire.

Collect Fire Wood

You will need some small twigs and dry leaves to start the fire. Some small sticks to catch fire.
Larger pieces of wood or logs to burn.

Build Your Campfire

Arrange your logs into a teepee shape.
Pile your smaller sticks, twigs and leaves on the top to start the fire.

Light Your Campfire

Strike a match and start burning the leaves and small sticks. Blow on the fire to add oxygen and help it burn.

As the bigger sticks catch fire, move them around as needed to help them burn better.

Extinguish Your Campfire

Pour water over your campfire.
Stir the embers and keep pouring water over them. If you don’t have water you can do this with earth.

Leave a Clean Campsite

Place all of your trash in a bag and take it with you.

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