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Shavuot Flower Crown

One of the loveliest traditions of Shavuot for girls and women is dressing in white and wearing flower crowns. In Ancient Israel, young unmarried maidens dressed in white and danced among the vineyards, hoping to be noticed by eligible young bachelors.


This custom is echoed today by the holiday attire. You can join in the fun by making your own fresh flower crown and wearing white during your Shavuot celebration.

Photo by Adam Jones


To Make Your Own Flower Crown

  • Fresh flowers

  • Florist wire

  • Florist tape

  • Scissors

  • String


Step 1

Measure your head with the string.

Step 2

Cut the florist wire to your size.

Step 3

Place it around your head and twist your crown shut when the size is right.

Step 4

Place a flower on the wire and wrap some florist tape around the stem and wire to secure it.

Step 5

Repeat this process until your crown is covered by flowers.

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