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Build Your Own Foraged Sukkah

For me, Sukkot always include a visit to a park or the woods.


I like building a sukkah from materials foraged from nature.


  • 4 large branches that end with a “V” 

  • 6 additional long branches

  • Twine

  • Sheets 


Step 1

Dig four holes to be the corners of the sukkah. Plant the branches in them, with the “V” facing upward. 

Step 2

Lay four branches along the top to create a frame for the ceiling of the sukkah.

Step 3

Tie the branches together with twine to secure them. 

Step 4

Lay two branches across the top of the sukkah to serve as crossbeams for the s’chach.

Step 5

Pick some branches from any plant you like to be used as s’chach

Step 6

Cover the roof with s’chach

Step 7

Make the walls of the sukkah from fabric such as sheets, colorful fabrics, or tablecloths. Tie the fabric to the top and bottom of the poles and stretch it around your sukkah.

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