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A Love Potion for Tu B'Av

Tu B’Av, the Jewish holiday of love, is believed to be a fortuitous time to find one’s bashert, or “soulmate.” Throughout history, people have tried to help move the process along by concocting love potions. Here is a Jewish Kabbalistic recipe written by Elisha ben Gad of Ancona in his book Tree of Knowledge published in 1535.


Elisha ben Gad’s recipe was to be administered at a Jewish wedding, after the bride and bridegroom had said the blessing, and walked out from under the huppah. The potion maker would take one sage leaf, and write the bride’s name with honey on it, and another sage leaf, and write the groom’s name on it with honey. The leaf with the man’s name was given to the woman, and the leaf with the woman’s name was given to the man.

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You can infuse these ingredients into a delicious tea, that may help you find love!


  • Fresh sage leaves

  • Honey

  • Water


Step 1

Fill a teapot boiling water to preheat it.

Step 2

Empty out the teapot.

Step 3

Add fresh sage leaves and honey to taste.

Step 4

Pour boiling water over them and stir.

Step 5

Cover the teapot and allow the tea to infuse for about 5 minutes.

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